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Hi there. I own an old house in Kitsilano, that has been renovated into 3 apartments. The forced air heating tends to be inefficient upstairs. I have two needs. The first is to get a quote to upgrade two heating duct outlets (vents) that were poorly finished, and need to be improved if possible. Secondly I would like to have a general appraisal of the heating system, and recommendations done about possible upgrading.

Taki C

Gas furnace is due for annual maintenance, and also seems to be short cycling and failing to cycle. The thermostat is set for 74, but it's actually 65 degrees in the house. The thermostat was just replaced, but the issues still persists. Thank you for your assistance.

Philip T

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Heating - Heating Questions
1.20 Ceramic Tile..Do You have it anywhere in your home...Need to know some stuff about it..?

Q. So When installing ceramic tile, (ours is going to be porceline) is it best to put the heating system ounderneath? Do you really need it. I keep telling my parents to put it and they aren't sure we really need it. I told them how my friend had it in her sunroom and they ended up pulling it all out a few years after to re-do it with the heating system underneath. What do you guys think? Also who would be installing it? Do you get an electrition or does the ceramic floor installer do it? Thanks! I'm sorry I didnt word that friend had ceramic in her sunroom without the heating system and they pulled all the ceramics out afew years after to re-do it with the heating system because they said it was too cold all the time..thats what im worried it really cold all the time on the feet..I felt the ceramic tile we have piled ready to be installed and it doesn't feel too cold, what do you think?

A. I would think that in most climates it wouldn't be absolutely necessary to have floor heating if your house has an alternate source of heat. I don't have heat under my tile floors.They do stay cool but shoes or socks remedy that. Another thing to consider is the heating cost. We had marble floors in the home I grew up in and it was heated. The cost of heating the floor is very expensive. Like I said it just depends on the climate. If you live in a very cold climate you may want to go ahead and install it but otherwise it's really not necassary. God bless!!

1.20 Why is my air conditioning not working on my central heat and air?

Q. My heat works and my air conditioning does not. Would anyone know why. Do these units need freon to work? Thanks for your time. Oh, wanted to ask also. Is there a switch or something that I might have to switch on / off?

A. If you have a combined heating/air cooling system, you have to have a separate air coolant compressor and heat dissipating fan/radiator located on the outside of your home. This unit has a separate electrical supply which has a 'trip' protective switch (red button) which might have been "tripped" due to some 'glitch', and which needs to be pushed to reset the switch.

1.20 Any one in the north eastern part of ohio looking for a hvac job? Schooling or experience a must?

Q. I am a service manager for a reputable heating and cooling company in akron ohio. We are a commercial only company and in need of service technicians and helpers. Experince or schooling is a must. We are willing to train someone with the right attitude and aproach as long as they are currently enrolled or recently graduated from hvac school. Feel free to send resume's to

A. No i am not looking for a hvac job

1.20 Any Air Conditioning experts out there?

Q. Hello. we are installing a Diesel Generator for running our house. We are off grid. We are buying a Cummins 15 KVA/12KW Prime Power Generator. This generator can supply 23 Amps per phase in the standby mode with a PF of .8 With the normal set up, we can run only 3, single phase 18,000 BTU ACs, one on each phase. I read somewhere that by installing Power factor Capacitors, we can install more than one AC on each phase. Do you know anything about that? Is it an easy task or do I need to get an engineering degree for this? I'm some what comfortable with doing electrical work and can do minor calculations as well. Any help would be really appreciated. Greetings from Iran

A. HVAC Tech.: You need an electrical engineer to solve this problem as it does not fit into Heating, venting, or air-conditioning.

1.20 Can't find Admirable Heating & Air Conditioning Services on Internet.Would like to know if they are reputable?

Q. I tried to find Admirable Services on the Internet, but there was no information. How can I find out if this is a reputable company? They called me on the phone. I don't know where they got my number.

A. Have you checked with Better Business Bureau on the net?

1.20 What do I do about horrible service from an AC guy in Garland, TX?

Q. I got horrible service from First Mechanical Heating in Rowlett, TX today. He was rude and did not even fix my problem. I still had to pay him for coming out. Is there anything I can do?

A. File a complant with the BBB 214 220 2000

1.20 I need an idea for an air conditioning company's Christmas parade float?

Q. My boss is having me come up with float ideas for an upcoming Christmas parade. We can't spend too much money though.This has to be very creative because he really wants to win the trophy. It has to fit on a 20 foot trailer. It has to somewhat embody the heating and air conditioning. We have lots of Christmas decorations.

A. If it were me, I would find some Heat Mizer/Cold Mizer cutouts for the float (from one of the Rudulph cartoons). I would play the tune on a big loud stereo. Using Red and Blue spots, turn them off/on to the music to emphasize atmosphere. Here is what I would do: On one end, you have the cold mizer next to a fireplace, with a chair and a family enjoying reading. Have red streamers denoting heat coming into the area. On the other end of the float, have heat mizer and a family enjoying the AirConditioning in the same type of setting. Use blue ribbons to denote cold air. On the back of the float, paint a sign with the heat mizer/cold mizer blowing hot/cold air with your company name, logo and something like this: Hot or cold, do not let the mizers ruin your day. Always keep comforatable with (insert your name company). Or something like that. The only thing better than the cutout would be having employees dress up as heat mizer/cold mizer trying to attack the people in their home. If you did it this way, you could eliminate a scene and have them alternate attacking the family.

1.20 I need a slogan for my heating and air conditioning company?

Q. We are a family business for 20 years with 10 locations. We provide probably the fastest service in the industry. So fast, family business and 20 years in business should be in the slogan Thanks Matt

A. "If it sucks or blows, we can fix it!"

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